Cap'n Jazz- Analphabetapolothology

Cap'n Jazz- Analphabetapolothology

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Label: Jade Tree

Reissued 9/29/17

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Cap'n Jazz are an emo/punk band formed in the early 1990's in Buffalo Grove, IL by high school friends Tim Kinsella (vocals), Victor Villareal (guitar), and Sam Zurick (bass), along with Tim's younger brother Mike (drums). The group released their lone LP in the spring of 1995 and broke up while on tour later that summer. Members would continue making music in bands like The Promise Ring, Joan Of Arc and American Football.

Track Listing:

  1. Little League
  2. Oh Messy Life
  3. Puddle Splashers
  4. Flashpoint: Catheter
  5. In the Clear
  6. Yes, I Am Talking to You
  7. Basil's Kite
  8. Bluegrassish
  9. Planet SHHH
  10. The Sands've Turned Purple
  11. Precious
  12. Que Suerte!
  13. Take on Me
  14. Tokyo
  15. Ooh Do I Love You
  16. Hey Ma, Do I Hafta Choke on These
  17. Forget Who We Are
  18. Olerud
  19. We Are Scientists!
  20. Sea Tea
  21. Troubled By Insects
  22. Rocky Rococo
  23. Aok
  24. Sergio Valente