Jared Grabb- Masters

Jared Grabb- Masters

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Label: So Say We All

Released 6/5/20


JARED GRABB (SCOUTS HONOR ANGRY GODS, THE FORECAST is a singer-songwriter hailing from the mid-sized Midwestern city of Peoria, Illinois. GRABB has been performing under his own name since 2001 and occasionally collaborating with his former college roommate, Thomas Satterfield (SCOUTS HONOR, TINA SPARKLE, The AMAZING KILL-O-WATTS), since 2003. 

Track Listing:

A1 Low Grumble
A2 Best A3 Cold, Hard World
A4 Middle Years
A5 Two Paths
A6 Exodus
B1 Patch Of Green
B2 You Are Home B3 Goddamn Blessed Man
B4 Die Young, Live Fast, Forever Free
B5 Wipe Your Eyes