Deerhunter- Microcastle / Weird Era Continued

Deerhunter- Microcastle / Weird Era Continued

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Label: Kranky

Released 2009

DEERHUNTER is an experimental noise rock band from Atlanta, fronted by the compellingly odd singer Bradford Cox. Cox's vocal style blends vocal experimentation along the lines of MEREDITH MONK or YOKO ONO with a more direct and punky howl inspired by the FALL's MARK E. SMITH. Cox is also a striking on-stage presence: the exceedingly skinny 6'4" lead singer has Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder of the connective tissue that gives him abnormally long and spindly limbs. (The late JOEY RAMONE was another well-known frontman with Marfan syndrome.) Cox often exaggerates his otherworldly look by performing in Victorian-style party frocks and engaging in IGGY POP-style acts of ritual self-abasement while his bandmates churn out an aggressive mix of industrial-grind guitars and fractured dance rhythms that often recalls earlier Georgia art punks like the METHOD ACTORS and PYLON. DEERHUNTER was formed in 2001 by Cox and drummer and keyboardist Moses Archuleta; guitarists Colin Mee and Lockett Pundt and bassist Josh Fauver completed the lineup over the following years.

Track listing:


  1. Cover Me (Slowly)
  2. Agoraphobia
  3. Never Stops
  4. Little Kids
  5. Microcastle
  6. Calvary Scars
  7. Green Jacket
  8. Activa
  9. Nothing Ever Happened
  10. Saved By Old Times
  11. Neither of Us, Uncertainly
  12. Twilight at Carbon Lake

Weird Era Continued

  1. Backspace Century 
  2. Operation 
  3. Ghost Outfit 
  4. Dot Gain 
  5. Vox Celeste 
  6. Cicadas 
  7. Vox Humana 
  8. VHS Dream 
  9. Focus Group 
  10. Slow Swords 
  11. Weird Era 
  12. Moon Witch Cartridge 
  13. Calvary Scars II / Aux. Out