Drab Majesty- Unknown To The I

Drab Majesty- Unknown To The I

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Label: Dais

Reissued 5/28/2021, Originally released 2015

Drab Majesty's first release for Dais Records was the "Unknown to the I" cassette in 2015, which featured the title track that would later appear on his debut album "Careless" that summer. The additional early cuts "Saturn Inc." and "Ultra Violet" have previously only been available on digital or as CD bonus tracks. Now, along with the "Unarian Dances" 12" also released on May 21, these songs are finally made available on vinyl in 45 RPM 12" format, bringing all early Drab Majesty material from the Careless era (2012-2015) to vinyl. Mastered by Josh Bonati with beautiful new packaging by Nathaniel Young.

Track listing:

  1. Unknown To The I
  2. Ultra Violet
  3. Saturn Inc.