Dreamdecay- Yu

Dreamdecay- Yu

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Label: Iron Lung

Released 2017

Combining the English you and Spanish tú, YÚ symbolizes the experience of being stuck between two cultures, struggling to find a sense of legitimacy. It navigates this space and the tension of being pulled in opposite directions—the binary of life: past / future, optimism / pessimism, acceptance / denial, confusion / clarity. YÚ orbits two realities seeking a new point of view."—Dreamdecay. Seattle's finest band had us waiting a long time for this dirge pop masterpiece. We won't go into too much flower with the description, just know that this is honest music from the heart. A perfectly crafted trip. And seriously, "IAN" might be the best song of the decade. Damn. Edition of 800 copies housed in dual finish full-color heavy duty gatefold jackets with art by J. GALLEGO.

Track Listing:

  1. 3:31
  2. No Answer 2:46
  3. Mirror 3:20
  4. Bass Jam 4:24
  5. Joy 2:28
  6. Ian 7:06
  7. F.R.A.N.K. 4:13
  8. Witness : Allow 2:56
  9. Arc 3:50