Electric Orange- Electric Orange
Electric Orange- Electric Orange

Electric Orange- Electric Orange

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Label: Cargo

Reissued 6/7/2024, Originally released 1993

30 years after the release of the self-titled debut album, Electric Orange is now finally being pressed on vinyl. The double LP comes on 180g heavyweight, orange-marbled vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Dirk Jan Muller has had an interest in '70s German underground music since 1988 and his passion for bands such as Amon Düül, Tangerine Dream, Nektar, Neu, and Can resulted in his collection synthesizers, keyboards, amps and various pieces of '70s musical equipment.

Track listing:

  1. Reflections Of 2072 And Everywhere
  2. Sysyphus´s Revenge Parts I-X
  3. Journey Through Weird Scenes Featuring Cows In Space
  4. Electripity Chapter XVI 
  5. Soul Shadows 
  6. The Return Of Eugene, Be Careful! 
  7. Baby Cake Walk
  8. Back In Strange World