Jenny Hval- Classic Objects
Jenny Hval- Classic Objects
Jenny Hval- Classic Objects

Jenny Hval- Classic Objects

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Label: 4AD

Released 3/11/2022

Norwegian musician and novelist Jenny Hval, “a post-punk pop philosopher at the height of her craft” (Pitchfork), announces her signing to 4AD with new album Classic Objects, and in conjunction, announces her first North American tour since 2018. Since her last album, 2019’s widely acclaimed The Practice of Love, Hval published the English translation of her third novel, Girls Against God, and released an album under the name Lost Girls with frequent collaborator, Håvard Volden. Following its soulful, almost jazzy opening with Hval intoning over floating piano, the lead single “Jupiter” blooms with shuffling percussion, and as Hval’s crystal cooing layers, it swells into a simple hymn-like chorus. “When I wrote the music for this song in 2015, it had no lyrics, and I did not understand where it came from. It was a strange creature that moved from one genre to the next like a slide show and crashed into a chorus full of cymbals,” says Hval. “Six years later ‘Jupiter’ has become a post-apocalyptic road trip. It begins by the art installation Prada Marfa in Texas, but turns into a game of identification and absurd imagery. The song winds its way through a desert-scape where values, genres, representation and relationships are breaking down. It tickles our death drive and throws us into space.”

Track listing:

  1. Year of Love
  2. American Coffee
  3. Classic Objects
  4. Cemetery of Splendour
  5. Year of Sky
  6. Jupiter
  7. Freedom
  8. The Revolution Will Not Be Owned