Lala Lala- I Want The Door To Open

Lala Lala- I Want The Door To Open

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Label: Hardly Art

Released 10/22/2021

Coming off of 2018’s acclaimed The Lamb, an introspective indie rock album recorded live with a three-piece band, West knew she was ready to make something sonically bigger and thematically more outward-looking than anything she’d done before; a record that would be less a straightforward documentation of her own personal struggles and more like a poem or a puzzle box, with sonic and lyrical clues that would allow the listener to, as the title says, open the door to the greater meaning of those struggles.

Track listing:

  1. Lava
  2. Color of the Pool
  3. Diver
  4. Photo Photo
  5. Prove It
  6. Castle Life
  7. Bliss Now!
  8. Straight & Narrow
  9. Beautiful Directions
  10. Plates
  11. Utopia Planet