Loop- Sonancy

Loop- Sonancy

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Label: Reactor

Released 4/22/2022

Formed in South London in the mid-1980s, Loop blazed a trail with their potent mix of motorik beats and heavy guitar riffs, recording a trio of brilliant albums that set the indie charts alight before imploding in 1990 after the release of album number three, A Gilded Eternity. They were post-psychedelic, pre-shoegaze figureheads in a world of anodyne pop jangle and baggy rhythms. Today, Loop stand as innovators in a musical world that has embraced and followed their defiantly individual sound - there are hundreds of contemporary neo-psych artists out there who arguably would not exist without Loop's pioneering music. Loop has returned, with music that continues to evolve and grow in the most startling of ways on Sonancy.

Track listing:

  1. Interference
  2. Eolian
  3. Supra
  4. Penumbra I
  5. Isochrone
  6. Halo
  7. Fermion
  8. Penumbra II
  9. Axion
  10. Aurora