Los Diablos Blancos- Golderado

Los Diablos Blancos- Golderado

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Label: Los Diablos Blancos

Released 2016

We are seasoned songsters who serve up a wild ride of midwestern garage pop, p-town rawk steady, hick-punk, straight hick, psychedelic country & opera metal with white-boy funk accents.

Track listing:

  1. Tonight You Belong To Me
  2. Perfect Pastime
  3. Surf Rock For The Land Locked
  4. Poison Jewels
  5. Short Hairs
  6. Summer Song
  7. Paper Hearts
  8. Caballo Grande
  9. Two Ceramic Owls
  10. The Masher
  11. Solitary Man
  12. Tom Mackeldriver
  13. Excellent The Damage
  14. Golderado Sunsets