Lovelorn- What's Yr Damage

Lovelorn- What's Yr Damage

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Label: 6131

Released 8/6/2021

Staring down the barrel of their psych-gaze outfit Creepoid’s dissolution, Anna and Patrick Troxell didn’t see an ending. Instead, they staged the reveal of their then-secret project Lovelorn. This commitment to secrecy pervades throughout Lovelorn’s debut album 'What’s Yr Damage'. Each lyric rings like a slurred secret, every melody slips like an ace from a sleeve. Using a menagerie of analog and digital instrumentation, Lovelorn’s sound is rooted in the heydays of their prime influences—Soulwax, Echo & The Bunnymen, Spacemen 3—with eyes set on a self-made future. As 'What’s Yr Damage' cycles through its 10 tracks in a tight 35 minutes, the Troxells’ comfort amidst chaos is palpable. With their undaunted take on synth-fueled pop, it is clear that the duo’s debut was born from damage and dissolution.

Track listing:

  1. Fight or Flight 
  2. Sickness Reward 
  3. Reason 
  4. Leaps and Bounds 
  5. Get a Job 
  6. Hole in Yr Soul 
  7. Around You 
  8. Black Cash 
  9. Be Mine 
  10. Tiger