Magic Box- Magic Box

Magic Box- Magic Box

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Label: Magic Box

Released 2012

Ed Anderson and Scott Tipping have been making music and mayhem together since the late ’90s, when they hosted an open mic featuring drunken jazz artists, angry poets and puppeteers. In back alleys, dank hotel rooms and a van that at least once tried to kill its masters, a new music partnership was formed, and when BACKYARD TIRE FIRE decided to take a break from touring, Scott and Ed chose to bring together some of their favorite Chicago musicians to work on new songs: Steve Gillis (drums), Scott Stevenson (keys and vocals) and Matt Thompson (bass). The new project features songs by both Ed and Scott, staying true to the rock-and-roll tradition of BTF while transitioning into a more dynamic, harmony-oriented sound.

Track listing:

  1. Lola
  2. Anything To Pass The Time
  3. Cover It Up
  4. Lights Flicker
  5. See Me in Sky