Matmos- Regards / Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer
Matmos- Regards / Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer

Matmos- Regards / Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer

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Label: Thrill Jockey

Released 5/20/2022

Matmos are one of the most prominent experimental electronic artists working today, crafting work by creating new conceptual frameworks & immediately testing those frameworks absolute limits. For Regards / Uklony dla Boguslaw Schaeffer, they've focused on another artist known, in large part, for doing the same. Boguslaw Schaeffer was one of the first Polish artists creating electronic music. In step with American contemporaries like John Cage and Morton Feldman, he worked across the boundaries of classical composition, electronic experimentation, and radical theater in playfully form-breaking ways. Regards.. however, was not just inspired by his work, Matmos were given access to the entirety of Schaeffer's recorded works to use as they saw fit, commissioned by the prestigious Instytutu Adama Mickiewicza. They re-assembled & re-combined these recorded works with modern instrumentations in a way that only Matmos could, and what emerges is a composite portrait of the utopian 1960s Polish avant-garde and the contemporary dystopian cultural moment regarding each other across a distance. 

Track listing:

  1. Resemblage / Parasamblaż
  2. Cobra Wages Shuffle / Off! Schable W Gurę!
  3. Few, Far Chaos Bugles / Uff... Bosch Gra Wałęsę
  4. Flashcube Fog Wares / Głucha Affera Słów
  5. Flight To Sodom / Lot Do Salo
  6. Tonight There Is Something Special About The Moon / Jaki Księżyc Dziś Wieczór...
  7. If All Things Were Turned To Smoke / Gdyby Wszystko Stało Się Dymem
  8. Anti-Antiphon (Absolute Decomposition) / Anty-Antyfona (Dekonstrukcja na całego)