McRackins- Bat Out Of Shell

McRackins- Bat Out Of Shell

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Label: Hey Suburbia

Reissued 7/7/2023, Originally released 2006

Italian Import

With over 70 different releases spread over a thirty-year career and literally hundreds of songs in their repertoire, Canadian pop-punk institution the McRackins hardly need an introduction. Originally released on compact disc only in 2006 and widely considered McRackins' own Pet Sounds, Bat Out Of Shell makes it on vinyl for the first time, with new revised artwork and complete with double-sided lyric insert. 

Track listing:

  1. Summer Of Life 
  2. Losers Lament 
  3. Burnin' Bridges 
  4. Fallin' Over You 
  5. Dazed & Confused 
  6. Rub & Tug 
  7. All Messed Up 
  8. Miss About 
  9. See Thru 
  10. So Long 
  11. Lovesick 
  12. Eggstink