Midori Takada- You Who Are Leaving Nirvana

Midori Takada- You Who Are Leaving Nirvana

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Label: We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want

Reissued 7/15/2022

Swiss Import

WRWTFWW Records and MEG Museum (Geneva) announce a new full-length album by celebrated Japanese percussionist Midori Takada, in collaboration with Buddhist monks belonging to the Samgha group of the Shingon school of Koya-san, led by Reverend Syuukoh Ikawa. Recorded at The Premises Studio (London) and in Tokyo in 2019, You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana is a majestic work combining a suite of six Buddhist liturgical chants and a musical creation by Midori Takada. The Buddhist chants come from three types of repertoires: shomyo ("Teisan", "Unga-Bai", "Sange", "Taiyo"), but also goeika ("Kannon-Daiji") and mantra ("Hannya-Singyo"). After supervising the recording of the Buddhist chants, Midori Takada added her own compositions, with subtle layers of percussion and the melodies of her beloved marimba, giving full life to the sacred texts. Reverend Syuukoh Ikawa explains: "Shomyo is a form of declamation of sacred esoteric texts, inherited over many generations.

Track listing:

  1. Teisan
  2. Gyatei-Gyatei (Drumming)
  3. Unga-bai
  4. Sange
  5. Taiyo
  6. Hannya-Singyo
  7. Kannon-Daiji