Model Citizen- NYC 1978-1979

Model Citizen- NYC 1978-1979

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Label: Modern Harmonic

Reissued 4/14/2023

Inimitable post punk insurgents! The John Cale produced '79 Model Citizens EP is finally available again, and with it comes unheard live recordings from Max's and Hurrah! "Model Citizens, attacking their instruments with poetic yet strangely ironic frenzy, reflect the frightened, scattered, painful (yet edge-of-ecstatic) world of the moment." (NY Rocker) This short lived vanguard outfit now gets its due featuring liner notes from Tim Page and four CD-only tracks live from CBGB!

Track listing:

  1. Shift The Blame
  2. Animal Instincts
  3. I Am Honest 
  4. You Are What You Wear
  5. My TV Is On [Hurrah 1979]
  6. Foreign Tongue [Hurrah 1979]
  7. Even You Can Be Somebody [Max's 1979]
  8. You Are What You Wear [Max's 1978]
  9. I Am Honest -Tschinkel [Max's 1979]
  10. Do Like It Matters [Hurrah 1979]
  11. Animal Instincts [Hurrah 1979]
  12. Shift The Blame [Hurrah 1979]