Monkeywrench- Electric Children

Monkeywrench- Electric Children

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Label: Bang!

Reissued 6/11/2021, Originally released 1999

Spain Import

Recorded in Seattle in 1999, this monster record is now being reissued on vinyl remastered by Jack Endino. As soon as the opening track of Electric Children begins, you realize that The Monkeywrench have gotten much tighter in their second album, since their debut eight years before. The production also seems more raw, possibly due to the fact that the band moved from Conrad Uno to veteran Seattle producer Jack Endino, who also engineered the first releases from bassist Steve Turner and vocalist Mark Arm's other band, Mudhoney. Also contributing to the rawness of the record is the absence of Arm's trademark piano and organ. This enhances the energy, causing you to notice a more frantic, electrified side of the band. As on the debut album, Clean as a Broke-Dick Dog (1992), several genres of music are given equal time, including the country of "Thirteen Nights" and "The Empty Place", the rockabilly of "The Weasel's In The Barn", the Eastern modal quality of "Around Again", and the noise rock of the closing number, "In the days of the Five". The Monkeywrench have grown in their ability to craft a song, and the result is a masterpiece. Check this band: Mark Arm (Mudhoney, Bloodloss), Steve Turner (Mudhoney), Tim Kerr (Big Boys), Tom Price (Gas Huffer, U-Men), Martin Bland (Bloodloss, Lubricated Goat). Licensed by Estrus Records.

Track listing:

  1. Solar Revelations
  2. The Empty Place
  3. Thirteen Nights
  4. Love Is A Spider
  5. In The City Tonight
  6. The Weasel's In The Barn
  7. Cherry Red
  8. Bring On The Judgement Day
  9. From Now On
  10. Around Again
  11. Day Trader Shuffle
  12. Sugar Man
  13. In The Days Of The Five