Muse- Origins Of Symmetry
Muse- Origins Of Symmetry

Muse- Origins Of Symmetry

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Label: Warner

Reissued 7/9/2021, Originally released 2005

Double LP heavyweight black vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with remastered & remixed audio, and reimagined front cover artwork. The ‘XX Anniversary RemiXX’ also adds ‘Futurism’ to the tracklist. Originally a bonus track on the album’s Japanese edition and subsequently tagged to the end of the album on streaming services, ‘Futurism’ now adds a burst of energy to bridge the gap between ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘Megalomania’. This reflects its placing on the 2019 box set ‘Origin of Muse’.

Track listing:

  1. New Born 
  2. Bliss 
  3. Space Dementia 
  4. Hyper Music 
  5. Plug in Baby 
  6. Citizen Erased 
  7. Micro Cuts 
  8. Screenager
  9. Darkshines 
  10. Feeling Good 
  11. Futurism 
  12. Megalomania