Oh, Rose- While My Father Sleeps

Oh, Rose- While My Father Sleeps

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Label: Park the Van

Released 2019

While My Father Sleeps by the Olympia, Washington, based band OH, ROSE, tells the complex story of family, adversity, love, and friendship. In ten songs, the record bears the soul and shares the truths of the band's frontperson and creative driver, Olivia Rose, while also serving as an homage to Rose's mother, who passed away in January of 2017. It is ROSE's life's story, told under the banner of a story her mother was never able to finish. "'While My Father Sleeps' is the title of the book my mother wrote throughout her life," Rose says. "It involved her relationship with my grandfather, the way she could communicate with him through the poetry of Carl Sandburg and the writings of Truman Capote. Her storytelling always inspired me to tell my own through music. The album title and artwork serves as a bookend, the songs written between two moments.

Track Listing:

  1. 25, Alive
  2. Believe It
  3. Easy
  4. You've Got Fire
  5. Baby
  6. Harrypotterjuana
  7. Politics
  8. Phoenix
  9. Water
  10. Be Kind To Me