OST [Francesco Lavagnino]- The Lost Continent

OST [Francesco Lavagnino]- The Lost Continent

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Label: DOXY

Released 2018

Recorded directly from the soundtrack of the Cannes & Berlin festival prize winning film 'The Lost Continent'

Track listing:

  1. Main Title
  2. Hong Kong (Wedding & Fireworks Scene)
  3. The Wedding/Fireworks/Navigation #1/The Seven Filmmakers
  4. Temples
  5. Dressing of a Novice
  6. Rice Fields
  7. Volcanoes/The House of God
  8. Scarecrows/Harvest
  9. Celebration for a Good Harvest
  10. Navigation #2
  11. Prayer for the Fisherman
  12. Life Goes On/Farmers of the Sea/The Village of Maud
  13. Navigation #3/The Dayaks
  14. The Young Headhunter
  15. Wedding Preparation
  16. Love Theme (River Song)/Finale