OST [Gus Russo]- Basket Case

OST [Gus Russo]- Basket Case

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Label: Terror Vision

Released 2017

First time this score has ever been available on any format! We dug up the master tapes and remixed/remastered them with the composer sitting in the room. They couldn't sound any better.

Track listing:

  1. Title Explosion
  2. Duane and Belial
  3. Lifflander Hears Something
  4. Casey's Theme
  5. Manhattan Skyline
  6. Needleman's Muzak
  7. Herrmann Vibes
  8. Lifflander's Name
  9. Needleman's Worst Nightmare
  10. Murder & Madness
  11. Duane & Sharon's First Date
  12. O'Donovan Gets It
  13. Empty Basket
  14. I Don't Know Why
  15. Glens Falls Flashback
  16. Separation Anxiety
  17. Belial Calling
  18. Duane Saves Belial
  19. When Belial Met Casey
  20. Belial Escapes
  21. Who's That Naked Runner?
  22. Disgustus Interruptus
  23. You Keep Me Hanging on
  24. End Credits
  25. Times Square Blues (Bonus Track)