OST [Popol Vuh]- Cobra Verde

OST [Popol Vuh]- Cobra Verde

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Label: One Way Static

Reissued 2017, Originally released 1987

Born as Florian Fricke’s brainchild, Popol Vuh needs little introduction, the band stayed active between the late 1960s & late 1990s (until Florian’s passing in 2001). Regarded as pioneers in avant-garde German electronic music, their early works practically laid down the foundations for Kosmische Muzik (Space Music) with the then new sounds of the Moog synthesizer joined with ethnic percussions. Later the group evolved to include all kinds of instruments (both electric and acoustic alike) shrouding their music in a spiritual & introspective mystical aura. Cobra Verde (featuring Klaus Kinski) was the final collaboration between Popol Vuh & director Werner Herzog. Originally released in 1987, this is the first time the soundtrack gets a vinyl release outside of Europe. Regal chants accompanied by hand drums, guitars, piano and clavier in a sacred manner are alternated with synthesizer themes that have a tense/dramatic & haunting effect. African ceremonial music and the Choir of the Bavarian State Opera corner this as a landmark meditative & ambient piece of cosmic music.

Track listing:

  1. Der Tod Des Cobra Verde
  2. Nachts: Schnee
  3. Der Marktplatz
  4. Eine Andere Welt
  5. Grab Der Mutter
  6. Om Mani Padme Hum
  7. Sieh Nicht Überm Meer Ist's
  8. Hab Mut, Bis Daß Die Nacht Mit Ruh' Und Stille Kommt