Paradise Lost- Symphony for the Lost

Paradise Lost- Symphony for the Lost

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Label: Music on Vinyl

Released 2015, reissued 2020

European Import

Double 180gm copper and black marbled vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Symphony For The Lost is a live album by the doom death metal band Paradise Lost, recorded at Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Plovdi, Bulgaria. The sound quality is perfect and they have done a great job capturing one of the most memorable shows of their career. Featuring the Orchestra of State Opera Plovdiv and Rodna Pesen Choir.

Track Listing:
With Orchestra
A1 Tragic Idol
A2 Last Regret
A3 Your Own Reality
A4 Over The Madness
B1 Joys Of Emptiness
B2 Victim Of The Past
B3 Soul Courageous
B4 Gothic
Without Orchestra
C1 The Enemy
C2 Erased
C3 Isolate
C4 Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us
C5 As I Die
D1 One Second
D2 True Belief
D3 Say Just Words
D4 The Last Time