Pedro the Lion- Winners Never Quit

Pedro the Lion- Winners Never Quit

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Label: Jade Tree

Released 2000. reissued 2018

After a shifting lineup, PEDRO THE LION eventually became a one-man outfit. That man is DAVID BAZAN. A Seattle native, BAZAN cut his teeth playing in hardcore bands before forming PEDRO in 1995, taking the band's name from a character he made up for a possible children's book. Under the moniker of PEDRO THE LION, BAZAN creates melodic pop in the vein of BEDHEAD, HAYDEN, and SEBADOH, with a lyrical focus on relationships. “Winners Never Quit” (2000) is an odd fable of a corrupt, self-righteous politician and his sweeter but equally wayward brother. The opening song, "Slow and Steady Wins the Race," lends this whole affair more weight than it really deserves, and it is easily the best song on the album. BAZAN works up a primitive blast of rock & roll on a couple of the songs, which gives PEDRO more musical variety; otherwise, BAZAN keeps it to the spare amateur vision he employed so well on “It's Hard to Find a Friend;” not always for the best. An interesting album, spooky in spots, but other than the terrific "Slow and Steady," this one's a curiosity.

Track Listing:

A1 Slow And Steady Wins The Race
A2 Simple Economics
A3 To Protect The Family Name
A4 A Mind Of Her Own
B1 Never Leave A Job Half Done
B2 Eye On The Finish Line
B3 Bad Things To Such Good People
B4 Winners Never Quit