Pete Krebs- Western Electric

Pete Krebs- Western Electric

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Label: Cavity Search

Reissued 4/22/17, originally released 1997


This record has never before been on vinyl. Released in 1997 and one of the few records that Elliott Smith produced! Elliott Smith plays on two of the tracks - also note that this is a special RSD 20th anniversary limited edition of 500.

Track Listing:

  1. JFK Hideaway
  2. Purple Heart of Texas
  3. One Last Time
  4. Elevation
  5. Demon for Today (feat. Elliott Smith)
  6. Horsepower 
  7. Daydreams
  8. Luminous
  9. Madison
  10. Love/Hate Relationship
  11. Tom Waits and the Attack of the Crab Monsters (feat. Elliott Smith)