Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Newport Jazz Festival 1962

Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Newport Jazz Festival 1962

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Label: Top Note

Reissued 6/2/2023

Rahsaan Roland Kirk, live from the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport Freebody Park, RI July 8th 1962. When the Newport Jazz Festival returned after succumbing to the previous year's riots of 1961, there was another important announcement to make: the "Discovery of the Year. " would be on the bill - Rahsaan Roland Kirk! Together with his formidable counterparts, Kirk brought along pieces from his latest works; Domino and We Free Kings, pushing all of his instruments to their limits with his use of extended techniques and raw chops. Here at Newport, the Quartet pursues the very contours of soul jazz and hard bop in a climate of real invention and expansion, led by one of the most idiosyncratic talents in jazz. Top Note revisits this memorable concert, at the Newport Jazz Festival, RI on July 8th 1962, from one of the leading pioneers in jazz with a faithfully restored and professionally remastered original WKCR-FM broadcast. Presented with background notes and timeline photos.

Track listing:

  1. Intro > Three for the Festival
  2. Nice & Easy
  3. Domino
  4. Fat Man Please Get Thin
  5. Confusions of a Madman
  6. 3-In-1 Without the Oil
  7. A Stitch in Time
  8. Inflated Tear > Outro