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Riki- Riki

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Label: Dais

Released 2020

For her self-titled debut album for Dais, Riki explores courage, physicality, and romance across eight timeless synth pop anthems. Produced and engineered by hardware-based synthesist Matia Simovich of INHALT, influences and ideas are worn proudly without deviating from fresh and daring electro-pop territory. Nostalgic cues can be heard ranging from Neue Deutsch Welle, early Adrian Sherwood productions, classic ZYX Italo Disco, Japanese Visual Kei and even classic new wave/pop like Pat Benatar, Kate Bush, and early Madonna. The lead single, Napoleon, contains Riki’s indelible sound design, reminiscent of 80’s New York dance floor electro-pop that recalls the fusion of uptown and downtown styles and culture, told through Riki’s present day West Coast narrative. Riki invites listeners to “reveal their useless habits of complacency and fear...and witness their own rebirth, a rhythm universal” Album comes with a foldout RIKI poster, printed inner euro sleeves with lyrics, and download card. Package design by Niff Nawor, photography by Nedda Afsari.

Track listing:

  1. Strohmann
  2. Napoleon 
  3. Böse Lügen (Body Mix)
  4. Know
  5. Earth Song
  6. Spirit Of Love
  7. Come Inside
  8. Monumental