Saåda Bonaire- 1992

Saåda Bonaire- 1992

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Label: Captured Tracks

Reissued 5/6/2022, Originally released 2002

Until recently, it was thought that we had heard all there was to hear from Saâda Bonaire. The German studio project’s 1980s recordings had been compiled on the now cult-classic double LP Saâda Bonaire, released by Captured Tracks in 2013. Though the group had continued working until 1994, founder Ralph “von” Richtoven had firmly stated that all of their post-1986 work was lost. Released now for the first time ever, 1992 compiles the band’s long-lost early nineties material. Produced between Bremen and New York City, the 12 songs presented here capture the group’s attempts at steering their trademark fusion sound (reggae, afro-funk, Eastern music, and sultry German female vocals) into uncharted nu jazz, trip-hop, and house territories.

Track listing:

  1. Woman
  2. To Know You Is to Love You
  3. Extremes
  4. So Many Dreams
  5. Running
  6. Okay It's Over
  7. That's Right
  8. Lovelife
  9. Your Prince
  10. 7th House
  11. Move from the Heart
  12. Follow Your Mind