Shannon Wright- Dyed In The Wool

Shannon Wright- Dyed In The Wool

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Label: Quarterstick

Reissued 9/9/2022, Originally released 2001

Just over twenty years after its original release, Shannon Wright's third album, Dyed in the Wool, is being released for the first time on vinyl! One of Shannon Wright's classics, partly recorded by Steve Albini, will be available on in all good record stores.

Track listing:

  1. Less Than A Moment
  2. The Hem Around Us
  3. Hinterland
  4. Vessel For A Minor Malady
  5. You Hurry Wonder
  6. Dyed In The Wool
  7. Method Of Sleeping
  8. Surly Demise
  9. Colossal Hours
  10. The Path Of Least Persistence (Figure II)
  11. The Sable
  12. Bells