Sleep- Iommic Life [The Clarity + Leagues Beneath]

Sleep- Iommic Life [The Clarity + Leagues Beneath]

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Label: Third Man

Reissued 4/20/2021, Originally released 2014 (The Clarity), 2018 (Leagues Beneath)

A 4/20 surprise release from Sleep. The California stoner metal icons have released Iommic Life via Third Man Records, a 2x12” collection of their post-reunion singles "The Clarity" and "Leagues Beneath,” packaged together in a gatefold LP jacket, along with a repress of "The Clarity" 12” single, and all-new merch. The double 12” single contains stunning all new artwork and B-side etchings by Dave Kloc and was entirely remastered by Bob Weston of Chicago Mastering Service. 

Track listing:

  1. The Clarity
  2. Leagues Beneath