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Spice- Viv

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Label: Dais

Released 6/17/2022

The second LP by California rock n roll unit SPICE expands their palette of damaged anthems and addiction poetics with a more bristling, visceral sound, distilled from years in the trenches of bands, break-ups, and breakdowns. Singer Ross Farrar explains their chemistry succinctly: “We all got in a room and this is what came out.” Viv is named for a precursor project of bassist Cody Sullivan and violinist Victoria Skudlarek, but also alludes to broader notions of vividness, sonic, visual, and otherwise. Engineered by Jack Shirley and mixed/mastered by Sam Pura in Oakland, the mix achieves that rare balance of every element being elevated but distinct, with voices, strings, and drums each given space to blaze parallel paths.

Track listing:

  1. Recovery
  2. Any Day Now
  3. Ashes in the Birdbath
  4. Threnody
  5. Melody Drive
  6. Dining Out
  7. Live Scene
  8. Vivid
  9. Bad Fade
  10. Climbing Down the Ladder