Sunny Murray- An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker)

Sunny Murray- An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker)

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Label: BYG Actuel

Reissued, Originally released 1970

32nd volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "Avant-garde jazz drummer Sunny Murray was a major player in the experimental jazz community throughout the 1960s. After three years as a member of Albert Ayler's band (1964-1967), Murray traveled to France where, after releasing two LPs on the BYG label, he recorded An Even Break, (recorded on November 22, 1969) for Affinity. Although his first release for the Affinity label, this was Murray's third release of the year! Featuring Byard Lancaster, Malachi Favors and Kenneth Terroade."

Track listing:

  1. An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker)
  2. Giblets: Part 12
  3. Complete Affection
  4. Invisible Blues