Swing Kids- Anthology

Swing Kids- Anthology

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Label: Three One G

Released 12/4/20

Swing Kids formed in the mid 90's out of a mix of obscure punk, hardcore, and geography-specific social politics. The band, made up of Justin Pearson, Jose Palafox, John Brady and Eric Allen drew inspiration from jazz and swing era ethics, creating a strand of genre-defying music. The band was short lived, documenting their entire existence in a handful of songs/releases over a couple of years. One of Three One G's earliest releases was Swing Kids' S/T 7" EP, which featured four original tracks as well as a harsh version of JOY DIVISION's "Warsaw". Soon after the band released this EP, they followed up with a split 10" EP with SPANAKORZO, which shared band member John Brady. After a few short tours and a jaunt over to Europe, the band called it quits due to drummer Jose Palafox relocating to the Bay Area. Swing Kids did manage to track one last song, "El Camino Car Crash" which is the additional track on the digital follow-up of the band's entire collection, simply titled Discography. Over the years, this nine-song collection would become a staple for the Three One G community. After the sudden and immense loss of founding member Eric Allen, the band reformed to play two charity shows in his memory, and the documentation of this final chapter was a self-titled 7" single featuring an updated version of "Situation on Mars" as well as a new track titled, "Fake Teeth". For the first time, all of these tracks have been remastered by Brent Asbury and are in one physical release, the complete Anthology.

Track Listing:

  1. Disease
  2. Line 1
  3. Clean Shade of Dirty
  4. Warsaw
  5. Blue Note
  6. Intro to Photography
  7. Situation on Mars
  8. Forty-Three Seconds
  9. El Camino Car Crash
  10. Fake Teeth
  11. Situation on Mars