The Dream Syndicate- The Days Of Wine and Roses

The Dream Syndicate- The Days Of Wine and Roses

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Label: Fire America

Reissued 2019

An exceptional early '80s guitar-powered gem, remastered in full and includes the band's debut indie EP and both tracks from main protagonist Steve Wynn's earlier combo 15 Minutes.

"The Days Of Wine And Roses' is as timelessly potent as the records that inspired it." Uncut Central to the hugely influential Paisley Underground scene of the early 1980s that spawned Green On Red, The Bangles, Long Ryders and Rain Parade. "Arguably the finest LP to come out of the Paisley Underground's salad days." AllMusic With a nod to the Velvet Underground, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Dylan, packed into an incendiary slow-burn punk fuse, 'The Days Of Wine And Roses' is a glorious, upbeat sprawl, everything that rock 'n' roll should be. "One of the most lasting alternative rock albums made during an explosive time for left-of-centre music." Psychedelic Baby

Track Listing:
  1. Spirit Lie
  2. Picture Shows
  3. Loretta and the Insect World
  4. Actually Faxing Sophia
  5. Cello of the City
  6. Still Too Far
  7. Warm Storm
  8. Always Horses Coming
  9. Vigdis
  10. Vienna Two-Step Throw-Away
  11. Bible Black
  12. Book II
  13. Brown Recluse
  14. Blanket for Tina