The Jesus Lizard- Goat
The Jesus Lizard- Goat

The Jesus Lizard- Goat

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Label: Touch and Go

Reissued 10/6/2023, Originally released 1991

Limited Edition of 2000 on White Vinyl! With duane denison's stinging scalpel guitar, david yow's texas-inflected rants, and a punishing rhythm section, the jesus lizard was an animal without precedent outside of nick cave's similarly disruptive birthday party. their second album, 'goat', portrays a band growing comfortable with its power, featuring tightly wound songs that slam hard without resorting to hardcore histrionics. the production by big black's steve albini gives the rhythm section all the space it needs to wallop with a mallet of mutant punk-funk groove. on tracks like 'nub,' dennison's guitars cut through like a rusty chop-shop buzzsaw while yow seethes with madman intensity.

Track listing:

  1. Then Comes Dudley
  2. Mouth Breather
  3. Nub
  4. Seasick
  5. Monkey Trick
  6. Karpis
  7. South Mouth
  8. Lady Shoes
  9. Rodeo In Joliet