The Mekons- Exquisite

The Mekons- Exquisite

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Label: Glitterbeat

Released 4/22/2022

Hunkered down and unable to record together, in 2020 the Mekons created a glorious digital chain letter of an album. Exquisite is a sprawling manifesto of connection and defiance that deftly slides through fiddle tunes, digi-dub, fireside ballads and urgent rock n' roll. And that's just side A. The original recording plan was to have been a whole-band-in-a-room session in Valencia, Spain. When the pandemic rendered that impossible the process took a sharp swerve. This legendary group from Leeds, have written contemporary music history for the last 40 years as radical innovators of both first generation punk and insurgent roots music, and Exquisite is another powerful vector of that legacy.

Track listing:
  1. Se Reveló El Cadáver (Intro)
  2. Escalera
  3. West Yorks Ballad
  4. The Inhuman
  5. Nobody
  6. Buried Treasure 
  7. Exquisite
  8. What Happened To Delilah?
  9. What I Believe At Night 
  10. Corn & Grain
  11. Drink The New Wine