The Meteors- The Curse Of Blood N Bones

The Meteors- The Curse Of Blood N Bones

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Label: Cleopatra

Reissued 7/9/2021

At long last - part 2 of the special double album from psychobilly legends The Meteors available is now on vinyl! Founding vocalist/guitarist P. Paul Fenech continues to smoke any and all of their punk/rockabilly peers with a mixture of thrilling instrumentals and memorable original cuts as well as superb covers! Limited edition RED vinyl!

Track listing:

  1. All I Do
  2. The Queen of Zorch
  3. All I Can Do Is Cry
  4. Creature
  5. Haunted
  6. She's My Witch
  7. Daughters of the Deep
  8. Alligator Man 2020
  9. Guilty As Charged (Sense of Humor Mix)
  10. You Used to Be (The Usual Suspects)
  11. Little Hellcat
  12. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky