The Telescopes- Splashdown: The Complete Creation Recordings 1990-1992

The Telescopes- Splashdown: The Complete Creation Recordings 1990-1992

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Label: Cherry Red

Reissued 7/15/2022

UK Import

"Curated with the full co-operation of The Telescopes' frontman Stephen Lawrie, Splashdown is the first-ever compilation to properly document the band's three-year tenure with Creation Records. Featuring their four EPs for the label, with the added bonus of some tracks planned as the B-sides for an abandoned final EP. Plus the band's second album, which is joined by bonus material including some cover versions originally donated to compilations and a previously unissued session for John Peel's show on BBC Radio 1."

Track listing:

Precious Little

  1. Precious Little
  2. Deep Hole Ends
  3. Never Hurt You
  4. I Sense 


  1. Everso
  2. Never Learn Not To Love
  3. Wish Of You 


  1. Celeste
  2. All A Dreams
  3. Celestial


  1. Flying
  2. Soul Full Of Tears
  3. High On Fire
  4. The Sleepwalk

Bonus Tracks

  1. Tornado (Alternative Version Of Flying)
  2. Sunspray
  3. 16T#3
  4. From The Inner Void I Fear

#Untitled Second

  1. Splashdown
  2. High On Fire
  3. You Set My Soul
  4. Spaceships
  5. The Presence Of Your Grace
  6. And
  7. Flying
  8. Yeah
  9. Ocean Drive
  10. Please Tell Mother
  11. To The Shore

Bonus Tracks

  1. The Sleepwalk (Sitar Version)
  2. Candy Says
  3. The Good's Gone

John Peel Session 15/9/91

  1. Please Tell Mother
  2. Splashdown
  3. To The Shore
  4. The Presence Of Your Grace