The Warlocks- Rise & Fall
The Warlocks- Rise & Fall

The Warlocks- Rise & Fall

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Label: Cleopatra

Reissued 12/2/2022, Originally released 2001

The first ever vinyl pressing of the debut album from these kings of neo-psychedelic, The Warlocks! Hypnotic and emotive, this is the release that established The Warlocks as one of the preeminent underground bands in Los Angeles with highlights that include "House Of Glass" and "Song For Nico," songs that are still fan favorites today!

Track listing:

  1. Jam of the Witches
  2. House of Glass
  3. Skull Death Drum Jam
  4. Whips of Mercy
  5. Song for Nico
  6. Left and Right of the Moon
  7. Motorcycles
  8. Heavy Bomber Laser Beam
  9. Jam of the Druids