White Magic- Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

White Magic- Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

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Label: Drag City

Released 2006

White Magic's debut full length album DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS is an elaborate evolution from the first release. It is a journey which sets forth into an untamed musical landscape, finding the familiar in unusual streams of new sound - a new music. A music that knows the past, but does not repeat it.

Track listing:

  1. The Light
  2. Hear My Call
  3. Childhood Song
  4. What I See
  5. All The World Wept
  6. Dat Rosa Mel Apibus
  7. Sun Song
  8. Hold Your Hand In The Dark
  9. Katie Cruel
  10. Sea Chanty
  11. Palm And Wine
  12. Song Of Solomon