Wire- PF456

Wire- PF456

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Label: Pink Flag

Released 8/20/2021

The Wire album Send (PF6) originally released in 2003 was in fact a compilation of material contained on the releases Read & Burn 01 (PF4), Read & Burn 02 (PF5) and new tracks. The original plan had in fact been to simply compile the two planned Read & Burns but the unforeseen runaway success of Read & Burn 01 meant that in spite of the "band merch only" status of Read & Burn 02 there would be too much duplication if that plan was to go ahead, so an extra four tracks were made and some Read & Burn material was dropped in order to come up with an acceptable track list for Send. Of course these releases were all CDs-no one thought too much about vinyl at that point. However, there did need to be a vinyl release and as none of those tracks had ever been released on LP a creative solution was sought that would accommodate all of the tracks contained in those three releases (which unhelpfully equals 1.5 standard 12-inch vinyl records). While 2021's solution was 2x10-inches, 2003's solution was a set of fairly brutal edits and the resulting release became PF456 Redux- "does what it says on the tin" title which basically lists the catalogue numbers and the process by which they were squashed into a single 12-inch. There was a limited run in 2003 and then the title was never re-pressed, living on as a digital product only. The item remains, nonetheless a curio. Born as much of creative curiosity as necessity and as the full tracks have found their ultimate expression as PF456 Deluxe, an expanded version with a book, it is perhaps fitting that PF456 Redux now finds its new home as a limited CD release.

Track listing:

  1. In the Art of Stopping 
  2. I Don't Understand 
  3. Comet 
  4. Germ Ship
  5. 1st Fast 
  6. The Agfers of Kodack
  7. Half Eaten
  8. Being Watched
  9. You Can't Leave Now 
  10. Mr Marx Table
  11. Read & Burn 
  12. Spent 
  13. Trashtreasure 
  14. Nice Streets Above
  15. Raft Ants
  16. 99.9