XTC- Oranges & Lemons

XTC- Oranges & Lemons

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Label: Ape House

Reissued 9/4/20, originally released 1989

Double 200gm vinyl LP pressing. Oranges & Lemons has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge and is fully approved by XTC. The album is one of the most requested vinyl reissues as it was only on vinyl for a short period towards the end of the first vinyl era and was, as a result, never available as a decent quality pressing and poorly presented in a single sleeve. The sleeve has been re-worked to present the front color image in all it's psychedelic glory - and expanded to a gatefold to accommodate both the weight of the vinyl and the inclusion of song lyrics.

Track Listing

  1. Garden of Earthly Delights
  2. The Mayor of Simpleton
  3. King for a Day
  4. Here Comes President Kill Again
  5. The Loving
  6. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
  7. One of the Millions
  8. Scarecrow People
  9. Merely a Man
  10. Cynical Days
  11. Across This Antheap
  12. Hold Me My Daddy
  13. Pink Thing
  14. Miniature Sun
  15. Chalkhills and Children