Bedhead- What Fun Life Was

Bedhead- What Fun Life Was

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Label: Numero

Reissued 2021, Originally released 1993

Original 1994 album remastered and repackaged in an expanded gatefold and pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. On a family vacation to Florida in the mid-`70s, Bubba cut his head on the bedside table in a motel room. I still remember it vividly and how I was haunted by the matter-of-fact line: `you cut your head on the bedside table. Its ten syllables sounded right, but the content is what really haunted me. It felt like the ultimate betrayal, the bedside table taking advantage of its proximity to a serenely sleeping body.

Track listing:

  1. Liferaft
  2. Haywire
  3. Bedside Table
  4. The Unpredictable Landlord
  5. Crushing
  6. Unfinished 
  7. Powder
  8. Foaming Love
  9. To The Ground
  10. Living Well
  11. Wind Down