Boogie Down Productions- Criminal Minded (35th Anniversary)

Boogie Down Productions- Criminal Minded (35th Anniversary)

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Label: B-Boy

Reissued 9/9/2022, Originally released 1987

BDP's first album--and the only one to include the late DJ Scott La Rock--sounded harder than hell when it came out in 1987. Though the simple beat-box patterns on a few tracks sound dated, most of La Rock's tracks are bluntly effective, especially the AC/DC riff he appropriates on "Dope Beat." And KRS-One still performs most of his Criminal Minded rhymes, because his audience knows them word for word: the ultraviolent dancehall of "9mm Goes Bang," the battle cry of "South Bronx" (and its counterpart, the anti-Juice Crew screed of "The Bridge Is Over," with its little Billy Joel homage), the catalog of La Rock's condom collection on "Super-Hoe." KRS bloomed later; here, he just rocked.

Track listing:

  1. Poetry 
  2. South Bronx 
  3. 9mm Goes Bang 
  4. Word From Our Sponsor 
  5. Elementary 
  6. Dope Beat 
  7. Remix For P Is Free 
  8. The Bridge Is Over 
  9. Super-Hoe 
  10. Criminal Minded