Christopher Pond- Book Of Laments

Christopher Pond- Book Of Laments

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Label: Self-released

Released 2011

Yet another self-orchestrated and seamlessly produced indie-acoustic/folk nod has come from the Illionoisan singer and songwriter, CHRISTOPHER POND. As Well penned as any great Amerian Novel, POND's second full length album "The Book Of Laments" lyrically depicts a near cautionary tale of a character's descent, leaving intricately woven instrumentals to lay teh backdrop. With themes including deception, insecurity, and defeat the album takes on a subtly duskier gradient than his previous recordings, while still sounding hopeful, if not danceable at times. Maintaining a familiarity in his sound while accomplishing something inimitable, this is the album that nudges POND on from the emerging artist to evolved, leaving any nitions of beginners luck back at his debut ep in 2008.--Kim Babin - The Examier  

Track listing:

  1. Broken & Weathered
  2. Quips & Stones
  3. All Of The Above
  4. Shark Vs. Shark
  5. Big Plans
  6. Snowflakes Like Asterisks
  7. Self-Loathing
  8. Chasm
  9. The Liar
  10. Twine
  11. Elvis Costello Songs