Citizen- Youth (10 Year Anniversary Edition)
Citizen- Youth (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Citizen- Youth (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

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Label: Run For Cover

Reissued 6/9/2023, Originally released 2013

To celebrate 10 years of Youth, Citizen and Run For Cover Records have teamed up to completely update the band’s debut LP. Since it’s initial release in 2013, the songs that make up Youth’s track list have been staples in mixtapes, playlists and record collections for listeners chasing what felt like a long-lost feeling in alternative music. Youth takes notes from the head-banging tempo of grunge, the hazy reverb of shoe-gaze, and the catharsis of emo together to make something deeply personal and profound. Songs like opener “Roam the Room” and the anthemic sing-a-long “The Summer” have been soundtracked a thousand stage-dives at live shows, while pensive and moody songs like “Figure You Out” and “Sleep” offer brief, downtempo respites with blissful melodies. Youth also features Citizen’s two most popular songs: “The Night I Drove Alone” builds from a quiet, isolated guitar strum into vocalist & lyricist Mat Kerekes’ diary-like confessional, exploding mid-song into a full-band barrage, while “How Does It Feel?” incorporates dreamy shoegaze elements into a somber mid-tempo wall of sound.

Track listing:

  1. Roam the Room
  2. Figure You Out
  3. The Summer
  4. Sleep
  5. How Does It Feel?
  6. The Night I Drove Alone
  7. Speaking with a Ghost
  8. Your Head Got Misplaced
  9. Sick and Impatient
  10. Drawn Out