Clairo- Immunity

Clairo- Immunity

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Label: Fader

Released 8/2/19

CLAIRO presents her debut album, Immunity, out 8/2 via FADER Label. Over the last two years, CLAIRO has risen from viral star to indie-pop staple and received a huge amount of critical and commercial acclaim. Her debut album, Immunity, is co-produced by Rostam (of VAMPIRE WEEKEND) and features the lead single “Bags.”

Track listing:

  1. Alewife 
  2. Impossible 
  3. Closer To You 
  4. North 
  5. Bags 
  6. Softly 
  7. Sofia 
  8. White Flag 
  9. Feel Something 
  10. Sinking 
  11. I Wouldn't Ask You