David Bowie- Aladdin Sane (45th Anniversary Edition)

David Bowie- Aladdin Sane (45th Anniversary Edition)

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Label: Parlophone

Reissued 4/20/18

This strictly limited one run only silvery vinyl edition of ALADDIN SANE will contain Ken Scott's approved 2013 remaster and will be released on April 20, 45 years to the day since the original release date for the album. Previously thought to have been issued on April 13, 1973, new evidence has come to light that proves the release date was officially April 20, but being Good Friday in the UK the album was "made available" on April 19. ALADDIN SANE 45th anniversary silver vinyl will only be available to "brick and mortar" retail stores and not through on-line stores.

Track Listing:

  1. Watch That Man 4:30
  2. Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?) 5:15
  3. Drive-In Saturday 4:38
  4. Panic In Detroit 4:30
  5. Cracked Actor 3:01
  6. Time 5:10
  7. The Prettiest Star 3:28
  8. Let's Spend The Night Together 3:10
  9. The Jean Genie 4:06
  10. Lady Grinning Soul 3:53