Death- For The Whole World To See

Death- For The Whole World To See

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Label: Drag City / Two & Fews

Released 2009

Death were a black power trio from Detroit who released a single in 1975 and pretty much disappeared after that. Inspired by the raw Rock 'N' Roll of the Stooges and MC5, the three brothers moved away from their Funk/R&B roots into a new realm.... for the Whole World to See features the two songs from the single ('Keep on Knocking' and 'Politicians in My Eyes') and five other tracks. Drag City. 2009.

Track listing:

  1. Keep On Knocking
  2. Rock-N-Roll Victim
  3. Let The World Turn
  4. You're A Prisoner
  5. Freakin Out
  6. Where Do We Go From Here???
  7. Politicians In My Eyes