Ed Schrader's Music Bear- Nightclub Daydreaming

Ed Schrader's Music Bear- Nightclub Daydreaming

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Label: Carpark

Released 3/25/2022

After turning heads with the densely orchestrated Riddles, produced by Dan Deacon, the Baltimore-based duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat have given us another giant leap forward with their fourth record Nightclub Daydreaming. The whiplash-inducing stylistic shifts between aggressive noise rock and operatic gloom pop that have become the band’s trademark have given way to a single aesthetic that fuses both impulses. On Nightclub Daydreaming, menace teems just below the surface as propulsive, stark arrangements leave space that Schrader fills with strident, reverb-soaked narration.

Track listing:

  1. Pony in the Night 
  2. This Thirst 
  3. Eutaw Strut 
  4. European Moons 
  5. Hamburg 
  6. Black Pearl 
  7. Echo Base 
  8. Skedaddle 
  9. Berliner 
  10. Kensington Gore